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Academic – Adult – Fantasy – Fiction – Non-Fiction/Autobiographies – YA

Welcome to Toxic Eye! Soon enough, you will be glad you stumbled across this site because just within your reach is an editor who goes far and beyond what any other freelancer gives you nowadays. Not only is your original copy safe and secure in its own folder, but your document will never be overwritten and you will receive a separate copy with constructive feedback to guide you in the right direction.

To make sure you get what you want out of your Editor’s feedback, you must be very clear about what your intent with your document is before submitting the finalized version. Make sure to go through every word yourself, and once you are satisfied with your work, it will make the whole process much easier.

A few misconceptions writers often have when making a deal with a freelance editor is: they are going to simply send them their work, the editing will be done in a few days time (maybe a week), there will be no communication between the writer and the editor during this time, and once the editing is done the document will be sent back as soon as the payment is cleared.

HoweverI am not that kind of editor. If I have questions about your manuscript, be prepared for me to send you an e-mail. Of course, this would only be for serious matters that are time restricted and your document has taken off somewhere, i.e. paragraphs or pages are missing.

It is my passion to help writers craft their talents and skills to a higher level. I am not here to judge poor grammar, diction, punctuation, or sloppy writing. On the contrary, I will encourage you to improve your writing skills so you can “ace” those papers on your own down the line, and have less need for line editing on future submissions.

I will make suggestions that, in my own opinion, could improve the work greatly. This might be a range of considerations such as: changing the tense, switching the pov, introducing a character sooner rather than later or vice versa, world-building, etc. For academic papers, these suggestions would be much simpler — if your opinion is included in a non-persuasive essay, can you guess what I’m going to suggest? I’ll help you catch the passive lines that slipped right under your nose.

If you think I’m the right editor for you, continue on to the next pages for more information. Thanks for stopping by!

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